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My work is about self-creation.

Our sense-of-self is honed through a conventional narrative of societally-imposed expectations of who we are or will become, as fixed and separate. Self-creation is the consistent and purposeful response to dismantle this conventional narrative. These compositions help me rearrange the prescription of who I was told I was.

The compositions are an allegory made of simple shapes. To describe a few of the reoccurring symbols: the circle, resembling a sun or moon, is the self, a path that is forever becoming; the wavy line is the energetic manifestation of emotions or emotionality, evoking uncertainty and discovery contained within each moment we presently live in; the diagonal line represents duality and our ever-shifting perspective.

The ecological and geological forces of the high desert further contextualize the work. Forces such as tectonic plate movement (mountain building) with wind and rain (erosion) reveal fluid forms. Bright sun, high elevation, and relative rainfall support the plants and animals in this environment. I believe there is a correlation here to the idea of self-creation. Though the relationship of these elements develops at a rate that surpasses human-scale perception of time, it is relative to the moment-to-moment activity of creating one’s self. When these activities are taken en masse, and within the context of our environment, the fluidity of our self is revealed.

My professional background

While earning a B.F.A. in Printmaking from Pratt Institute, I worked at printshops including the Lower East Side Printshop in New York City, as well as Bleu Acier, Inc. and GraphicStudio USF, in Tampa, Florida. After graduating, I became a professional art fabricator, making work for world-renowned artists like Takashi Murakami, Y.Z. Kami, and Dennis McNett. On these teams I honed new art making techniques and learned the business of art, from budgeting to creating and managing production schedules. I translated these skills to a career in People Operations at digital agencies, cultivating creative workplace practices. As the Director of People Operations at a global digital design and product agency, I lead all HR activities. Leaving this position in January of 2019, I sought to create big changes in my life. I set out to pursue art making full time and relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here, I am working to grow my art business and practice in the surroundings that inspire me.


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